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Why Talent Acquisition Different &  Required ?

First of all Lets Differentiate Between :

 Staffing vs. Hiring vs. Recruiting vs. Talent Acquisition

Staffing: A form of focused, (usually) short-term hiring to fulfill a specific requirement.

It is operational in nature with a short-term focus.

Hiring: Filling a vacancy from a ready pool of job seekers. This method is tactical with a focus on short- to medium-term goals.

Recruiting: A medium-term focused, linear, and reactive approach to find the best fit for an existing job from a large pool of suitable candidates.

Talent Acquisition (TA): The strategic, long-term, and proactive process of finding, acquiring, assessing, and hiring candidates to fill roles that are required to meet present and future Organizational Goals.

Our Way of  doing this service Depend on real Factors Analysis of, Clients Business Needs, Market Situations, Competitors Behavior, Economic Trend, as well Candidates Assessment, Personality Analysis test, 

Reference feedback, Values going to be add it to the Employer,

As we are Specialized and Professional  In Talent Acquisition  Level such as, C level, VPs, Directors, GMs, MD.

We don’t hit and run. We’ve become an integral part of the companies we work for and are focused on building long-term Relationships with both our Clients and Candidates. Each and every day we work at expanding our network of thousands of talented Professionals Candidates and Building an Exceptional Reputation as a Truly Quality-Driven Recruitment (TA) Professional.

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