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32 years of experience accompanied by a lot of science, knowledge, learning and achievements, I have worked in 13 local, regional, and international companies, different sectors of business, industrial and financial from a very small job passing through all the different administrative levels to the position of Vice President, CEO, and founder of two companies,

I learned many personal and managerial skills, the most important of which is how to choose the right employee, attracting job talents and recruitment is an art, science, and continuous development, I have done thousands of job interviews for all administrative levels in more than 27 countries around the world.

Attracting talent and recruiting them is a job that depends first on helping people to achieve their humanitarian goals in addition to acquiring relationships and skills to choose the right candidate for the right job!

Today we do Talent Acquisition business because we believe in our credibility’s and abilities to Serve all the business sector depending on our long and real experience that I gained through my business journey.

we believe in change and transformation management to do the work according to the latest technology in TA industry, we are passionate to provide the best candidates in very short time (TWD) for our valued clients, who we no doubt consider them our success partners.

All what you need is a real experience of our services to start the journey for hiring the right candidate with the professional Talent Acquisition specialist.

"Registered with the Ministry of Human Resources as a freelancer in Talents Acquisition under the approved document code No. 41D42689"

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Talent Acquisition


Finding the Best-fit Candidate to fill a Vacancy is a Crucial step in Building a Workforce that Creates Business Success. Recruitment is the Cornerstone of Effective Talent Management.


Executive search is all about knowing who the Top Performers are and being Exceptionally Skilled at Convincing them to join our Clients. With this simple definition in mind,

Abdulaziz Alshareff  will work in a scientific and creative way to bring

 the Suitable candidates on board for our Clients in Various Industries.

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"It would be wise to leave the job without an employee better than hiring an incompetent person"

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